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It is recognised that to keep the environment of Church Minshull as desired by the residents then a proactive approach should be developed to allow the community to respond to external pressure to add homes, to cope with demand for cheaper energy sources by from within and to deal with anti-social behaviours such as littering.
Within the questionnaire responses there was a balanced view on whether there was a need for new homes however if there was to be any, there was a majority view that the most likely requirement in the community was for 'affordable housing'. There was also a reasonable level of interest in possible community led green energy initiatives.
Without a coordinated approach to planning and energy there is a danger that our community could be blighted by unwanted development and a proliferation of essential energy creation technologies that could possibly be better applied as a community.
At the open events an expansion of the Parish Council instigated litter picks was discussed to allow a broader area to be covered and to potentially connect this to social events to build community spirit.
This could then be further extended to allow Church Minshull to enter the Cheshire Best Kept Village competition again and to do this as a culmination of a number of community activities.

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Create a policy, based on consensus, for building development within the area to encompass where, how and by how much any preferred areas of land could be developedSept 2015: Discuss benefits of Housing Survey at PC meeting * Consider content and intent of the borough's Local Plan and liaise with Cheshire East Council development
* Further develop the steer from the CM Vision questionnaire on affordable home and consider "incomers" and local "downsizers"
Build a regular team of volunteers to carry out litter picks around our area July 2015 * Completed: Build a register of volunteers including lead and coordinators
* Completed: Develop a programme of litter picking in the village.
* Completed: Develop a calendar of events and projects)
* Possibly develop to an Amenities Association
Develop some basic feasibility studies for a community energy strategy December 15 * Investigate options for community led energy initiatives
* Consider liaising with New Mills and Stockport Archimedes Screw and other technologies
Establish a timetable for entry of Church Minshull into the Cheshire Best
Kept Village competition
Commence 2015* Completed: Build a volunteer and Champions list of offers of help and support for competition
* Completed: Enter Best Kept Village competition
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