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Editor on Solar Panels
20th July 2022 @ 10:10am

CLICK HERE for the link to our BLOGS page where «as at July 2022» we have had two of our local houses install Solar Panels.


Antoinette Sandbach on HS2 Property Schemes maps
7th June 2022 @ 11:11am

Just to alert people that HS2 have published some new "land take" maps.
Also the Goldborne link has been scrapped which may affect the number
of trains running on the Crewe to Manchester route and the parish will need
to be kept informed.

Antoinette Sandbach Editor on UKRAINE APPEAL
25th April 2022 @ 9:09pm

Bradley Dalton Via Facebook on UKRAINE APPEAL
19th April 2022 @ 4:04pm

Message uploaded via from Bradley Dalton (Sunflower Sisters – Ukraine/UK) 17/4/2022 19:37

Hi, I hope it's ok to post. As some of you know I've been working on English lessons for our new Ukranian guests to English-speaking countries. I've got great translators in Ukranian, one of whom is a Ukranian teacher at a university level.
Videos are suitable also for host families, and every video starts with simple ideas for host families to bridge the language barrier.

Click Here for the YouTube video

Please pass the link to other groups if you find it useful, 3 more episodes already recorded and on the way.

Ekaterina Shevchenko via Facebook on UKRAINE APPEAL
10th April 2022 @ 5:05pm

Message uploaded via from Ekaterina Shevchenko 10/4/22

Hi everyone. My name is Kate.
I am from Ukraine and I have posted before and wanna repeat.
We are located in Nantwich.
I see people started coming to Cheshire .
Thanks people for help.🙏
We are going to have small Ukrainian community😉.
I met yesterday (9/4/22) 2 families from Kiev.
My WhatsApp account is 07882155694.
If someone need help or just want to make friends,please contact me.
I have 15 month daughter and I am not working now.
I can show around,can meet for coffee,for talk and whatever.
Anything I can do I would like to help. Editor on UKRAINE APPEAL
26th March 2022 @ 8:08pm

Hi all – if anybody wants to add a message to this board please do so with pleasure. Please remember to use the TOPIC of UKRAINE APPEAL.

PJ Jones on Solar Panels
10th March 2022 @ 8:08pm

Just for some general information... I was just looking through Middlewich Group on Facebook and someone recommended Ben at Astralis Solar in Middlewich. For the Link Click Here


Village Farm Resident on Dangerous Village Roads
8th March 2022 @ 10:10am

With reference to a Chatbox post titled:- Carole Warr on Dangerous Village Roads 6th May 2021

You are quite right Carole!

The residents at Village Farm have had to put large boulders on our grass verge to stop these lorries and tractors driving on them:
1) Because they churn the turf up and make huge ruts in the front grass lawn, and
2) the metal drain cover is inches away from these ruts and was about to break the drainage system!

This has completely stopped the damage that these huge vehicles were making.

Concerned from Village Farm

Peter Stockdale on Solar Panels
7th March 2022 @ 5:05pm

My advice is to contact the local planning office(r) before installing them in conservation areas.

Peter Stockdale

PJ Jones on Solar Panels
7th March 2022 @ 4:04pm

FWIW... Someone mentioned to me that "we think Solar Panels are allowed in a Conservation area but don't think they are allowed on Listed Buildings but not 100% sure"

PJ Jones

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