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Karen Baddeley on Lost cat
20th October 2021 @ 11:11am

Trotsky home safe and well thanks to Larry who contacted me after reading the village forum as he had spotted him also thanks to the couple whose garden we invaded to get him up from the river side thanks to everyone Tim and I are so grateful to all. Xxx

Karen baddeley on Lost cat
16th October 2021 @ 10:10am

Still missing please can you all check sheds and out buildings please x

Karen Baddeley on Lost cat
7th October 2021 @ 6:06pm

Trotsky is still missing a substantial reward is being offered for any information leading to his safe return

Karen Baddeley on Lost cat
5th October 2021 @ 8:08am

He was last seen on Saturday walking towards the badger on the back fields from weaver view could everyone please check their sheds and out buildings xx

Karen Baddeley on Lost cat
3rd October 2021 @ 7:07pm

Has anyone seen my cat please. He's black and missing half a tail.
Answers to "Trotsky".
Please see Article in the News section for a photo.

Thank you
Karen Baddeley

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john Anderson on Bottled Gas Supplies
6th September 2021 @ 8:08am

Hi – does anyone know of a local company that will deliver gas cylinders ? Thanks
07702 561936

Barbara Mason on Nextdoor app
11th June 2021 @ 12:12pm

Thank you for the replies to my earlier post.
Just to let everyone know that I did contact the police about the letter I had received, and the nature of the situation was investigated for me, so I could pass on the information to anyone else who may have had the letter.
The app is legitimate, and is on open forum for anyone to access, it's prime function being to collect contact details for advertising purposes. But, and it is a big BUT, the forum is not monitored or regulated. This means that it lends itself to being open to bullying or abuse, without any comeback if it happens. Also, it discloses personal details of individuals to an open forum.
The general message was that it was NOT ADVISED, and if you want to use a local forum, stick to one that is monitored and regulated, like this one.
Can anyone suggest how we get this information to other villagers who may not read this chatbox.?

Barbara Mason

John Anderson on plumber
9th June 2021 @ 9:09am

Hi – just moved into the area.
Does anyone know a good plumber?
Many thanks
07702 561936

Shaun Davies on Nextdoor app
8th June 2021

I have also received one.
Did you guys get that letter yesterday re a CM neighbourhood app?
I think is might be some cyber Spam trying to get peoples details.
We binned it as we think we have all the info we need with the website etc but just wanted to flag it as it might be something we need to check out and warn people about.


PJ Jones on Nextdoor app
8th June 2021

Hi Barbara – Yes we received one aswell, I have looked into it myself and it seems that it is a business trying to get loads of emails to send adverts to – so everybody please beware!!


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