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Chair: Kerry Bannon — This group has developed a community plan for Church Minshull.

Community Led Planning (CLP) is the generic term for any type of local planning that originates with and is led and conducted by local people for the benefit of that community. It is essentially a 'bottom up' process that comes from the grass roots. It includes a range of initiatives such as Parish Plans, Village Design Statements, MarketTown Action Plans and more recently, Neighbourhood Plans. We have based ours on a Parish Plan.

Church Minshull has a plan of activities that aim to improve or develop different aspects of the community and the area that we live in. Some ambitions are well underway with actions already completed; some need further effort to define or to re-plan how they will be addressed.
Please click on the links below to see the detail webpages or you can read a PDF version of the CLP document here.

Volume and speed issues
Footpath in bluebells
Footpaths and pavements
Maintenance and access
Download keyboard
Broadband and website
Connecting us to the digital world
Minshull Madness 2015
Village green and social
Using our assets for fun
elderly image
Support and options for our community
Village development
Environment and housing
Empowerment where live
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