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Youth News

2021 Covid hit us hard
06 Feb 2021School Project from Ellie Lewis (see Bloggers page link below)
2020 Covid hit us hard
03 Oct 2019There will be another Social C&YP & Family Bowls night on 4th October 2019 6.30 for ALL ages.
21 Sep 2019 First C&YP's Bowling Night write-up
19 Sep 2019 Young Report's Blog Page
16 Sep 2019 Invitation to write new blogs and attend a Bowls night for the Youth Section

We are hoping that you guys will help with this and the more input you give us, the more dynamic this page will be for the Children & Young People for the Village.

  • Can you think of other items we can put up here that you will like, want, need etc?
  • Maybe send in your stories, thoughts, hobbies, ideas to the Editor?
  • Why not send in a picture or two?


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