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Despite being a small place, Church Minshull has a rich and interesting past. The ARENA team is pleased to publish the material that has been collated over time by many contributors. The team should love you to share what you think through Share & Chat.
We would also be interested in hearing about any content that you may have about the village or the people who have worked here or made it their home.

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More recent Times

The population in 1851 was 380, the population at the 2011 census was 425.

As in so many small communities travel has become easier and the need to be self sufficient has ceased. Closure of the Primary School in 1982 and of the Shop, Post Office and Petrol Filling Station at Lea Green later, made travel out of the Village essential. One building developed in the 20th Century and which is now a centre of community activity is the Village Hall. A history of the hall can be found in the Building Stories section.

Over the years changes happen sometimes imperceptibly, The Old Coach House has been converted into a single dwelling and new individual houses have been built, others have been demolished. The biggest impact on the centre of the Village was the development of Village Farm from dairy to housing, in 1999. Twenty dwellings were made by converting the farm house and existing barns and adding 12 new houses.

Arena VillageArena VillageArena Village