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Here today and gone tomorrow

by Madai the Labrador – 1st October 2020 @ 8:08am
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Hello Team and welcome to my October blog! I've told you before that I'm not actually writing this to you now, as you're reading it, but rather dictating to himself at the end of September for him to type up for you – what with needing to get the blog written in advance and him not wanting my perfectly pedicured paws to be clacking on his keyboard. So when I last looked out on Tuesday evening (29/9) the field behind my garden was full of maize, and when I got up on Wednesday morning it was gone! As in vanished, vamoosed. The maize of course, not the field, that's still there as you can see. So on the Wednesday morning as we were driving to Hatherton for a walk with my friends Charlie and Benji together with their dad "the Magis-bent", (see my blog 1st June 2017 here) himself was telling me that most of the other fields of maize had not yet been cut, whereas "ours" had and so I gave him the idea back, for the title of my blog.

Well I hadn't seen Charlie for a long time, and as part of the excited greeting his people's cat came outside to have a look. Let's just say that the cat hadn't run so fast for ages and I had to be called off. The men took us to the canal at Coole for a walk and talk, catching up on all the gossip. Since stopping his proper work Charlie's Dad has been something VERY IMPORTANT to do with courts and has had to write to BUCKINGHAM PALACE. He must have been rude to the Queen because he's having to stop being VERY IMPORTANT and someone else is having to take over – himself thought that he was fingering his neck thoughtfully, but I reassured him that the only block he was likely to lay his neck on was a block of chocolate.

Back to the village: themselves were away a few weeks ago – you know how they like to pretend to be nautical explorers in Scotland (?) – when himself got several messages asking if I had run off and got lost! I'm sure you will have seen the message on the village website about a young (hem hem) Black Labrador being found, and themselves were very taken that our neighbours' first thoughts were "was it me?" Well just to reassure you, I'm still standing and at the time was having a well deserved holiday in Auntie Audrey's emporium in Darnhall. Perhaps this shows the good side of social media – as opposed to the other which you can watch all about on the Netflix documentary "The Social Dilemma" – himself adds that it is very thought provoking, but as for me it went right over my head (literally as I was lying in front of the moving talking picture box).

So, himself traditionally rounds off my dictation to you with a link to music or something related to the title. Well you can search for some of these yourselves related to "here today, gone tomorrow", a variety being available ranging from the Ray Conniff singers of the 1960's through the Ramones, David Bowie and Gospel Choirs, with a general theme of lost love. Instead let's finish with the more upbeat phrase in my penultimate paragraph, "I'm still standing" which seems more appropriate at the present moment. This video with its "questionable" dress sense was filmed in Cannes: himself adds that themselves had coffee and pastries in a hotel cafe on the front there and it was jolly expensive, but the people watching was worth it.

Madai, your rovering reporter

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