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Charlie and the Magistrate – Madai's blog

by Arena Webteam – 1st June 2017 @ 9:09am
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Here we are in June and I've so much to report on that some of it will have to wait until July. I've made a new friend called Charlie: I call him Charlie the Alsatian police dog, but his man says no, he's a Belgian Shepherd not a German Shepherd. Its all Brexit to me but I'd better do what I'm told as Charlie's man-person is a Magistrate and can send you to prison for saying or doing the wrong thing. He used to be at the same work as my man-person and taught my man at University. The Magistrate says what a good teacher he must have been, but my man said that it must have been in spite of the teaching. Anyway I call him the Magis-bent as that's what happened to his knee while he was trying to climb over the stile at the bottom of Eachus Lane. The Magis-bent has got 2 new metal knees and my man said it was all right as there was a blacksmith at the Mill who could make him a Magis-straight again: that kind thought didn't seem to help the Magis-bent get over the stile as his face went purple and he seemed to have trouble getting his words out. I think he wanted to make an appointment for my man to visit the Magistrate in his Courtroom! "Police-dog" Charlie was on his Dad's side as when we got home he shook his muddy coat all over my people's new kitchen cupboards – the Magistrate laughed out loud but my people said "oh don't worry it will wash off." I got one back for the team the week after however, when we went to their house: the Magistrate has another dog who is naughty and isn't allowed out for a walk, and for some reason the two dogs hadn't eaten their breakfast up by lunchtime. I had their bowls all clean and licked out 15 seconds after entering their house, so they'll not be leaving their meals uneaten again! Go Labrador!

When my people went away in May I stayed with my friend Finn whom I told you about in February: he was the one who stole cakes from the oven. He lives in Audlem and his lady-person's job is to guide people, like we were supposed to if we had become guide dogs. She has to wear a dog collar as well, but I don't think she has been microchipped. Finn is still as hungry and naughty as ever, and this time stole 2 pizzas from the fridge and ate them without bothering to remove the plastic wrapping. He must have been really starving to do that but took care to have a pound of butter as well to help things through and prevent a blockage. I think he needs some serious guidance!

Madai your Rovering Reporter

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