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Helping Ukraine as a village community

Following our Village meetings on 26/3/22 and 23/4/22 (26/3 minutes can be read here ) a selection of suggestions were put forward. These, other thoughts and ideas are listed below and are by no-means the final list of wishes by some members of the Village.

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The below summary table show all of the suggested ideas, their descriptions, the people that are required and the person to contact.

TransportationDue to the remoteness of the Village, some of our refugees will need transport to local venues like Shops, Doctors & Dentists etc. list. J. Rose JR JA
Reading & Conversational EnglishCasual conversational English & to accompany English reading for School, general interest and important Forms etc. -NEEDED-Conversational English Group:
Reading Group:
Music ConcertFund-raising Music Concert. Many musicians, singers, bands & groups.
Free Glass Wine
Sat 2nd July 7:30pm

Richard Cluley
The Swinging Woodpeckers
The Beezzz
Folks like us
We are Nomad
Welcome GroupWelcome group to introduce Refugees into Village Life and maybe accompany them to Village Events and further afar.
Rachel Lewis &
Clare Milligan
Coffee &
Village Hall for Weekly Coffee, Chat and Internet use. Spare Laptops could be needed and someone will need some IT experience.
There is a weekly? meeting in Nantwich for Ukraine Refugees. If our group does not work we could transport people to Nantwich.
Please see ChatBox item below.
-NEEDED- Cafe staff:
Tip Donations
Children's tips for carrying plants to adult's cars at Plant Sale 29/4-2/5 J. Headon
Available Children
Ukraine Ribbon Makers
Make "Support for Ukraine" Ribbons for sale at Plant Sale & Jubilee Tea Party. P.Jones JJ LJ
Tent Bucket Donations
Tip bucket displayed at Plant Sale tent 29/4-2/5 J. Headon Tent Cashier
Bric-a-Brac at Plant Sale
All proceeds from Bric-a-Brac sale at Plant Sale tent 29/4-2/5 J. Headon
Children & Church Staff
Coffee & ProseccoTea, Coffee & Prosecco Party at Church. Friday afternoon 3rd June J.Headon
Church Staff
Write to MPWrite to your MP. For an email example click  HERE YourselfMP & Local Councillor
Do you know of any other service that you/we can offer?Please get in touch if you can add any other ideas here--Editor

Parish Council to Donate £100 via Nigel Lewis to pay for Paper,tickets,Some ribbons stock, Collection tin etc

CHATBOXIf you would like to Read or Add a message to our UKRAINE APPEAL Chatbox please  CLICK HERE

Other Information & Links

Keep the pressure on the UK government to make a material difference to the situation in Ukraine.
Our local MP, Ed Timpson, should be the conduit for those views and in turn should raise concerns with central government.
His email address is at the bottom of this page HERE
Example of email to send to him HERE

The government have announced further support for Local Authorities that host Ukrainian refugees. Cheshire East's (CE) Ukrainian refugee page is HERE

The CE page is short on detail so will require further communication with the council. As well as contacting the CE email address on the page, it would also be helpful to email Sarah Pochin, our local councillor. She should be able to act on our behalf.
Her email address is at the bottom of this page   HERE
Example of email to send to her HERE

Humanitarian donations can be made to lots of organisations. If you donate to  Disasters Emergence Committee  the government will double the value up to a total of £20m.

If you want to donate directly to the Ukrainian government, their site is  HERE

To host a refugee(s) you first need to find someone who wants to come to the UK.
Many people are doing this through social media, friends or charities.
Some sites which might be helpful are :-



Other Useful Links

Donations – Red Cross
Donations – Christian Aid
Facebook – Ukrainians in Cheshire /
Facebook – Ukrainian Support Cheshire East
Facebook – Nantwich Community
Facebook – Changing lives together
Facebook – Jo Garner Cheshire Changing Lives Together video
Any other links?If you have one to add here drop the Editor a line by clicking HERE

Date(s) for your diary:

29th – 30th April and
1st – 2nd May
FOUR DAY Annual Plant & Art Sale.
2nd – 5th June FOUR DAY Jubilee Celebs (Please Jubilee web page for details)
2nd July 7:30pm Music Concert in St. Bart's. Ticket only.

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