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Nearly half of the questionnaire respondents indicated an interest in Church Minshull's own Village Green. Potential uses were varied. In addition to a playground facility there was a clear desire expressed for a venue for an annual fete, village fair, sports or music event.
There is no substantial communal area and very few options that are central to the community. The CM Vision events group have developed a calendar of activities and have already organised a series of successful indoor and outdoor celebrations. The field at the rear of the pub has kindly been made available for the outdoor events but this arrangement is not guaranteed.
A number of actions to consider what options may be available have been identified.
Whilst there was no strong contender identified for a new club or activity, anyone with an idea or desire for one, should approach CM Vision to lodge the interest and possible opportunities to make it happen. Existing clubs will be publicised more extensively.
The questionnaire responses also indicated a potential interest in educational or cultural talks which could be delivered through existing organisations or independently.
During the period of work on the CLP, the CM Vision Events group has developed an extensive diary of new events providing a variety of theatrical, musical performance and fun activities to entertain a mixture of audiences and some allowing active participation!

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Hold event(s) and assess support to justify establishing a Village Green Ongoing
October 13
December 13
December 14
* Completed: Support promotion of current clubs and organisations
* Completed: Coordination of local organisations' events into a calendar
* Completed: Provide an inclusive forward plan of events)
* Investigate educational or cultural talks/meetings within community beyond existing groups
Map current green space suitability, availability and opportunity to maximise their use September 14
September 14
* Complete a survey of currently available or potential green areas
* Consider insurance and H&S requirements
Evaluate alternatives to a dedicated communal space June 2015
June 2015
* Consider alternative approaches including rental options
* Consider how local large businesses could partner to provide the facilities of a Village Green space
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