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The main reason provided by individuals in the questionnaire for choosing to live in Church Minshull was to be in the countryside. Our local area affords us great views and relative peace and quiet. It also provides plenty of places to go walking. However after traffic, the pavements (or footways) and footpaths were the next most popular area of concern.
At the consultation events a number of issues were raised:

  • Poor or poorly located street lighting
  • Overgrown hedges both next to footways and footpaths
  • Dangerous sections of road on the outskirts of the village with no footway
  • Non-inviting appearance of the Village Hall car park
  • Steep and failing footpath access to the canal

This theme links to the environment theme in the desire to develop some volunteer activities and gain recognition of the lovely area we live, for example entering Church Minshull for community awards.

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Work with the Canals and Rivers Trust to rebuild the access paths onto the canal towpath February 13
April 14
August 14
* Completed: Bridge 14 steps improvement
* Completed: Bridge 11 steps reinstatement
* Completed: Bridge 11 steps reinstatement) and Completed: Br.11 cracking solved with compression rod
Develop an audit of high risk danger spots on the public pavements and the causes October 13
February 15
* Completed: Sunken kerb stones and river bridge footpath
* Footways survey to be completed
* Completed: Canal towpath improvements
* Towpath between Br.11 and Br.12 ground failures rectified
Develop a programme of community activity to re-invigorate the network of local footpaths 5 year
* Completed: Nature Trail instigated and footpaths improved
* Build volunteer coordination team
* Completed: Research funding opportunities for bench
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