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Winners and Losers

by Madai the Labrador – 5th February 2021 @ 11:11am
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Morning Minshullites, and welcome to both my February blog and our re-vamped website. The clever folk have beavered away to make it more accessible and work better – quite beyond my canine comprehension, and himself's as well.

As I'm sure I've said before, good riddance to January – a dark, damp and dismal month that I for one consider as something to be endured rather than enjoyed. Did you know it was also the coldest January for 10 years? At least February started with a lovely dry crisp and sunny day ......

Well last month I'm sorry to tell you that my mate Charlie died. He looked after the "Magisbent" (I told you about him a couple of years ago: if you want to learn more use the search function – yes up there at the top of the website) and he was in good form when I last saw them for a walk in December – before you lot were locked down again. He was always so pleased to see me (well
who wouldn't be?) and when we met in December himself and the Magisbent inadvertently sharedsome of their Venetian café takeaway cakes with us. To be honest I don't think they meant to, it was more of a "gravity assist" moment if you know what I mean – of course as a Labrador I was on the cake in a flash and had to be held back to let Charlie have his share. I shall miss his hairy face and cheery greeting whenever himself and the Magisbent meet.

Because the website is off the air as I dictate this himself can't look up whether I've previously told you that they've know each other for over 45 years. He (Magisbent) was himself's tutor at University – yes he did have a proper education – and taught him all he knows. I might add that "all he knows" might not be a terribly big amount. Anyway they lost touch after the Magisbent went to Cambridge and was called Jackson after locking a VERY IMPORTANT surgeon in his office. I think there is a bit more to the story but we don't want the facts to get in the way!

So as for winners? Well Baxter is back on form after going to see the Vetman, and this morning we had a socially muddy charge-about in the "pond field" up behind Village Farm. Roger the Dodger had a motorbike delivered that needed refurbishment, so he was out of Sue's hair for a week. The floods have gone down a bit and the days are getting longer. Spring bulbs are starting to appear and the catkins are out. I don't want to overdo the good news and risk problems so until my March Blog, this is Madai the Rovering Reporter signingoff.

PS - he usually subjects you to a music link and (unfortunately) this month is no different! This month's title "Winners and Losers"will take you to a YouTube video that to be honest is not to my taste. How many of you silver surfers had hair like the lead singer? Take away the losers and you can listen to Peter Kay singing the Winner's Song in his role of Geraldine McQueen. The choice is yours!

PPS -how many of you took action after Carol's recent news item about litter around the Village? Here is the result of our fortnightly sweep down from the Wettenhall turn as far as the entrance to Village Farm. Not a bad haul!