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Hi All,

Can I take a moment and thank all the people who help develop this website, send articles, keep the calendars up-to-date, keep us informed and help make this Website as best as we can for the village.


We will be getting a new website design soon (at last) and we hope to keep the front page similar design to what we have now. It is much more informative, easier for everyone to view and editors to edit with all our news items on.

I think we do a great job doing this for the village and, strangely enough, I still hear comments (only last week) — website! — what website? — the village has a website ?!??! . Throughout 2020 we averaged two news item per week. I think that is good going for only a village-population of 420(ish) people!


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Which Magazine & Neighbourhood Watch: Wed 06 Jan 9:41pm

Please be aware, now that Vaccinations have started that there are scams circulating regarding eligibility for the vaccine. Below issued by Which for your information. Please exercise extreme caution, particularly when anyone asks for a bank card number.COVID-19 vaccine scam textFraudsters are taking advantage of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout through a cruel but convincing text in an attempt...

Bob Schiller: Wed 06 Jan 9:23pm

“Dear Residents of Church MinshullSince the extreme flooding in the village that occurred last spring, the Parish Council have been fighting all year to try and ensure that the roads in our parish are kept safe and that the danger to residents and their properties do not recure. During the year we have had visits from the Flood Risk Manager of Cheshire East Highways (Paul Reeves) and...

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Carole Warr: Sun 03 Jan 4:48pm

Carole Warr sent the following message via on Sunday 3rd January at 04:02 PM:Email: Just wanted to let you know we have been litter picking in the village and along the canal between bridges 13.-15. Unfortunately, in only a short period of time, we filled 3 large black bin liners full of plastic bottles, beer cans and bottles, fishing floats and...

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