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There are thieves in Church Minshull

by A member of the Village – 2nd October 2022 @ 4:04pm
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There are thieves in Church Minshull.

Recently someone from Village Farm walked to his car and put a set of special keys on his car-roof then realised he had forgotten something from home and returned to the house. He returned to the car and the special keys were gone. Now he thought, I did have them a second ago surely, he returned to his house and they were not there, he returned to the car and they were not there. I am going mad he said. A new scratch was noticed on his car roof just where the keys were a minute or so ago. That wasn't there before he exclaimed (these special keys were heavy and old and shiny). After some more head scratching he walked into some undergrowth close to the car and there were the keys he had lost!

Several Magpies live in trees very close by.

There are 13 keys on this key ring set and they weigh over 220 grammes!

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