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Stuck in the lampshade – Madai's blog

by Arena Webteam – 1st March 2017 @ 8:08am
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madai lampshade3

HaHa, here I am again! Well, after Christmas my people took me "to be done". To be honest I still don't really understand what this was all about but we all got into the car which drove us to see this person they were talking about: the Nicevetman. We went to a big house in Nantwich and I took my people inside – there were some other dogs there and a cat that had got itself locked in a box. I tried hard to let it out but it didn't seem very pleased that I was trying to help and kept hissing at me – perhaps it wasn't well? I saw a proper guide dog there that looked just like me!! It was black and had a box round its neck to drop money in. It sat very still, not moving at all, and didn't say hello when I went to talk with it. I even licked its face, cold and shiny – perhaps it wasn't well also? The Nicevetman was going to be busy sorting out the hissing cat and the cold plastered guide dog! To be honest being a Guide Dog didn't seem such an exciting job after that and I'm glad I came to look after my people in Church Minshull instead! My name was called out (fame! – but of course this was before my blog started so they didn't really know how cool I was) so I took my people into another room where a nice young lady in blue pyjamas made a fuss of me – good choice! After that I'm afraid it all got a bit blurry like when the bad oil in the canal overcame me, so I can't tell you exactly what happened, but when I woke up I found I'd got my head stuck in a lampshade and someone had stolen the fur off my belly! I think it must have been the cat that caused the trouble and I'd had to chase it, but the lamp got in the way and stuck on my head. Anyway the lamp-shade was really stuck and had a poor attitude, as it kept attacking the door frames and my peoples' legs as I walked about. It took my people a week to get it free so then we went back to tell the Nicevetman all about the trouble we'd had. It turned out that the young lady in blue pyjamas was the Nicevetman!

madai lampshade4

She made a fuss of me and tickled my bare belly, so I licked her face till she asked my people what I had been eating in the field. My people had a sort of nervous laugh. On the way out I had a good look for the cat to practice some moves on, as after a week in the lampshade my sense of humour had suffered a relapse ... here I am pretending this log is the cat!

Perhaps next time I'll tell you about how the car works?

Madai (your rovering reporter)

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