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September Church Minshull WI meeting...

by Margaret Guy – 15th September 2014 @ 9:09am
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September, the month members celebrate their Institute birthday. Sixty eight years this year. Mr Idris Evans was our Speaker, he didn't pause for breath very often. This visit he talked about the real Princes of Wales from Queen Victoria's reign and forward to the present times. Members heard how Queen Victoria had tried hard to stamp out the Welsh language by allowing children to speak only English in the classroom. If they were heard speaking Welsh they were punished severely, no food, no toilet break and a heavy wooden halter round their neck. What would health and safety say in this day and age? The first prince of Wales was one Owain Glyndwr. A Princess of Wales was named Myfanwy, adored by her family and also her Tutor. That gentleman wrote many love letters to her, hiding them in an oak tree. Many years later, the tree was blown down in a gale and the letters were blown away. Some were found and rescued and are now on view in Aberystwyth Museum. Many generations later in 1965, an heir of Glyndwr inherited the family estates and it took him just sixteen years to go from 'prince' to pauper.

Mr Evans became diverted by catching sight of the Competition entries. These he inspected closely and was interested in the origins of the items in the 'emerald green competition'. He was able to speak about several items and finally announced the winners. He was torn between two items so eventually proclaimed Anne Pendry and Audrey Colquhoun joint winners. Audrey, at that point was able to step up and give the vote of thanks as it had been difficult to 'press the stop button' on our interesting and exciting speaker. Anne, in her turn, discovered that she and Mr Evans had been at the same school in LLangollen, but we won't divulge how many years ago that was!

Members were pleased to congratulate and serenade Mrs Sainter on her 90th birthday and to congratulate Mrs Lakin on winning the game of skittles the previous month. President, Joan Thompson, thanked Brenda Farrall for the work she had done as Captain of the Bowls Team. Competitions between Group WI's, being over, Brenda had arranged a friendly match between all the members who had played during the season, following which a lunch was enjoyed at The Limes, Sandbach. The day out to Bangor Races had been very successful, and Margaret Denton received a vote of thanks for all her arrangements. Sadly, no one came home with a 'pot of gold' as some of our chosen steeds didn't quite make it to the winning post first!

The raffle winner was Anthea Grundy. A welcome cup of tea and cake were handed round by the committee.

A most enjoyable evening ended with The Queen.

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