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Maize is up .... and out

by Madai the Labrador – 1st June 2019 @ 8:08am
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Morning, or afternoon or evening! – that's the trouble with writing this blog as when I dictate it to himself it's actually last month, as it were, and I don't know when you will be reading it. Himself said I should say "if you're reading it" but I pointed out that you are reading it, so its when not if and he's wrong and I'm right! Cut to the chase: this is my 30th blog and looking back to the summer of 2017 I told you about "Mrs Trees are Maize". Do you remember? (No?, well click here for the old blogs.) Well Mrs Maize is off now, or will be soon, and all that's happened is a lot of hot air and us going down the European plug hole. Anyway what do I know about politics. To be honest what do the politicians know about it? I'll tell you what's important, the maize is growing again and it's warm.

So what I wanted to tell you about this month (June) was my canine fun-run that took place last month (April). That's because I'm writing this in May, please keep up. What is a canine fun-run I hear you ask – well, himself had to look it up as well – it's where you tie your human on behind then take them for a run through mud and other good things. We have fun, you have to take a bath. Themselves had gone off to Ireland so I was staying with my pal Finn in Audlem where we were looking after his people, Helen and Peter. His peoples' little people have grown up and moved away but always want me to visit them, so this time Finn's Mum and Dad drove us to Cambridge where their son Matt and his partner Judith live. Matt's very brainy and had done something with numbers called a peeaitchdee. I normally go in the garden to do this but perhaps if your brainy there's more to it? In fact he's so brainy that he has to work in both Cambridge and Oxford. So to celebrate my visit they had signed me up to compete in this run thing. It was to be boys and girls together, so Judith was tied on behind me and Matt was to be tied onto Finn, but he was having a lazy day so Peter and Matt had to run together (but weren't tied together, which I think spoiled the fun of it). Judith and Matt knew I was super-fit so I think were expecting Team-Madai to win the race, sorry fun-run, but I was there for the social side. There were lots of other dogs to say hello to and people to investigate, so Judith and I had a rather zig-zag route and didn't get on terribly quickly, until Peter came and found us and told me to concentrate and follow him to the finish, where Finn was still lazing! I never did discover what the prize was, probably some inedible rosette. By the way those pink things are her gloves, not my ears, just in case you were wondering.

Well I was going to tell you about the cygnets, but here is a picture instead. Enjoy June, we're halfway through the year so it's all downhlll from here, and that's without Trees are Maize and all the Brexit brouhaha.

Madai – your rovering reporter
PS: himself is planning some awful puns based on possible Conservative leader names so beware next time

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