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Madness Leaves the Village

by Arena Webteam – 2nd September 2018 @ 7:07pm
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It began on Wednesday evening they say, although some say it began long before that, when several residents gathered on the Badger field for the arrival of Big Mark E. When he didn't arrive the disappointment was palpable only lessened by the proximity of the Badger.

Believing that Big Mark E may come on Thursday they reconvened only to find there was a large tent to put up. Thinking this must be what is needed for Big Mark they put it up and waited, nothing happened. Later that day strange things began happening all over the village. Tableau appeared in random locations. There was intense activity around the Village Hall. Gazebos were erected, barbecues primed but still nothing happened.

Would Friday be any different would it be THE day? Well with the Village Hall car-park transformed into a barbecue bistro and the hall itself doing its best impression of Wembley Arena people flocked from all over the village and further afield.

Then it began. The Better Place Band played a great set but they were no match for Pure Presley – Paul Larcombe – who demonstrated that Elvis lived in Church Minshull (for one night only). Big Mark E didn't show.

Then it was over, there was no trace, no photos are believed to exist. If you know of some let us have them and we will publish; otherwise we may have to assume it was a figment of the imagination for which some would be truly grateful.

On Saturday various strangely dressed people again gathered on Badger field under the large tent. Then it began again, music played, hogs were roasted, drinks were served and people ran up and down, pulled on ropes and perhaps unwisely, considering the food and drink consumed, bounced on space hoppers. And as the day drew to a close the frantic activity subsided into a game of Church Minshull cricket, the rules of which were unclear even to those involved.

By lunchtime on Sunday calm returned to Church Minshull, the Madness had passed, there was no sign of it except the odd piece of confetti blowing in the wind. Big Mark E never did show up which was the only disappointment, although the big tent was quite fun.

Rumour is that it may happen again in 12 months or a year, talk is that a super group are reforming for the occasion, that the space hoppers will be back that the wellies will have been retrieved from their wanged locations.

If you have any photos that could prove any of this took place let us have them and they will be published.

In the mean time to everyone who dressed up, carried things, brought things, did things, made things or just turned up THANK YOU and see you next time Madness hits the village.

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