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Well, eventually himself has got this second part to our Christmas quiz published, better late than never he said, although looking at the questions you may doubt it! They all relate in some way to the village of Church Minshull or its immediate environs. Some straightforward. others less so. No prizes for completion, just the satisfaction of outwitting the setter (dog pun, sorry!) All errors in setting and answers are clearly himself's.

1. What properties are on Muslin Row?
2. What happened in Church Minshull on October 12th 1958?
3. If you were at "A Una's Leech" where would you be?
4. Which 3 houses have been Post Offices?
5. What is unusual about the bells hung in the tower of St Bartholomew's Church?
6. Can you link President Trump to a village road?
7. When was the Village Farm development first occupied?
8. If out for a walk where would you find a Wizard?
9. What did the Village Hall used to be?
10. Who/what were the "Clappersongs"?
11. How much did the Porklad Calendar raise?
12. What did Tiny do in 1888?
13. When did Aqueduct Marina open?
14. When was the canal aqueduct, after which the marina is named, built and to whose design?

Answers will be posted with January's blog, but if you think you have completed it then email to and you will receive public praise in my next blog!

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