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Locals help plant trees for Church Minshull

by Arena Webteam (NL) – 3rd October 2020 @ 7:07pm
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Village residents help out in a planting tree initiative.

  Last month over the course of a few Sunday afternoons – with the sun shining and the village basking in all its beauty, locals have been out and about planting trees...

Before lock-down, the Parish Council started looking into village improvements.
Through a poll on the Village Arena website, the most popular measure identified by far, was the planting of more trees.

The key issue in planting trees in the village – is firstly finding a location, especially when the village does not have a great deal of Parish owned land.
Vice-Chairman of the Parish Council, Nigel Lewis looked into a number of locations:
'Finding the right locations can be difficult. Local Farmer & Councillor Brian Charlesworth however this year has kindly agreed to let us plant the first batch of 20 trees in the corner of his lower field, adjacent to the edge of the existing woodland walk and next to the river Weaver.
On behalf of the Parish, we can't thank Brian enough for his assistance in making this happen.
It'll be a real bonus for wildlife and the local environment for years to come.'

During the successful September Plant Sale and with the help of Church Warden John Headon – a number of partly grown trees were secured for the project.
These included, Golden Weeping Willow, Rosebud Cherry, Mountain Ash Rowan, Midland Hawthorn, Sequoia, Malus Royal Beauty, Malus Red Sentinel, Sorbus Pink Pagoda, Prunus Nigra, Silver Birch amongst others.
Church Warden Dave Barrett kindly transported the trees to the location.

Margaret Denton was asked to plant the first tree, in honour of her late husband Alan.
Margaret stated how keen Alan was on such projects and expressed how he very much wanted more trees to be planted around the village.

Pop went the fizz......'to Alan, cheers to everybody and good health!'

Alfie and Ali had lots of fun planting on the day ....

and Parish Council Chairman Bob Schiller was hard at it too.

Thanks goes out to everybody who assisted in the tree planting.

Long-time resident – Dan Freedman who generously over the previous weekends had helped to clear the location – was also very pleased with the result.

'If I had my way, we'd be planting a forest from Nantwich to Northwich and we'd call it the New Minshull-Mondrum Forest' (after the local Mondrum forest of ancient times)

Well thanks for that one Dan....
......not such a crazy idea, if you think about it. Possibly even visionary.

To conclude, this has been a village-wide effort.

We are all very much looking forward to planting a few more trees next year and in continuing with this good cause for the village.

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