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The results of the Youth club entry in Nantwich Show, sadly Bob the fish didn't win, but got a highly commended,as you can be seen from the photos.

Nantwich show
Nantwich show
YC Fire lighting
YC Fire lighting
YC  Fire lighting

Please see the photos from the 'last' youth club on Thursday 23rd of July. The subject was fire lighting , we carefully cut away squares of turf which were later replaced as not to damage the ground.
We then made the fire by collecting dead, fallen sticks and wood from the surrounding area. Then we lit the fire (with a match) and making dough twists with jam, which were cooked over the open fire on 'green' sticks. We finished with toasted marshmallows, yummy!

Unfortunately, as no one has come forward to continue the youth club, it will sadlybe the last.

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