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It started with a small group of ladies sewing bags for NHS staff to use to take their uniforms home for laundering. In the space of a week this group has grown to over 1000 volunteers who sew, collect and drop off scrubs, ear protectors and laundry bags. Companies and individuals have donated fabric, buttons, threads and cash via " " fundraiser.
This weekend the group organisers did a stock take and to date they have delivered almost 700 sets of scrubs to hospitals and GPs across Cheshire.
I feel proud and privileged to be part of this group who support and encourage each other through the challenges of machines not working, bobbins running out at the crucial time and v necks that won't "sit right." I've been using my mother's sewing machine which must be at least 50 yrs old. Can't think she would ever have imagined it used for such a purpose but know she would be pleased.
I have completed my first three sets of scrubs and whilst they would not win any Sewing Bee competition I hope they will be of use to someone. My way of paying back the NHS for seeing me through difficult times. Having a short break before starting the next batch. Jean Jones.

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