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Do they know it's Christmas?

by Madai the Labrador – 1st December 2020 @ 7:07am
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Well here we are again, Christmas is nearly upon us, we've been locked down, unlocked and locked down again, so with tiers in our eyes can anyone explain to me what is going on? Has everything gone to the dogs? Well that's no bad thing I would say but perhaps you take a different view.

So before we get going I'm sure you've made the music link from my title? Click here to see the original 1984 Band Aid video. Himself adds that its worrying how young many of the performers look, and how many of them are no longer with us. Three years ago we shared the link to Tom Lehrer's Christmas Carol ( you can look it up for yourselves on YouTube) and as you may have guessed by now himself is going to give you another time-waster – although his favourite songwriter published his songs in the 1950's and 60's they are so relevant today – take this song about Pollution. Have we improved since then??

So as everything has been grey and dismal and not conducive to rovering reporting, this month I've asked himself politely (told him, that's right!) to publish my blog over the run-up to the holiday, with a few quiz questions and so on. So if you read this at the start of the month you will have to come back for more (or not) and if you didn't you won't, as it were. To start with he's prepared you a word search containing the names of over 20 buildings throughout the whole village. Ups, downs, diagonals, backwards and forwards, if there is a space in the 2 or 3 word name then it won't appear in the grid. Don't try to do it from the picture on the right as the website software has removed the bottom 2 lines. Instead click here to download a printable version of the word search grid.

As always a very worthwhile prize to those who complete things to my satisfaction, a lick on the face after I've been "field dining" to those who fail.

Madai, your rovering reporter
PS: remember i'll put some more content on here in a few days

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