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Burns Night Supper

by Arena Webteam – 25th January 2015 @ 1:01pm
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Last night saw a somewhat 'less than traditional' Burns Night Supper, held in the Badger Inn.
The evening followed all the elements of a true Burns meal; the 'Selkirk Grace' was delivered with aplomb by Andrew McBaddiley; the Haggis was piped in to 'Highland Cathedral'; and Ricky McBache performed a brilliant 'Address to The Haggis', reciting the full poem with drama and actions, finally stabbing the beastie, with a cry of 'Gie her a Haggis!'...however, parts of the evening diverted from convention, particularly when it came to the entertainment section of the events.

Apart from Andrew McGuy, who gave a heartfelt rendition of Burns' 'Red, Red Rose' and had everyone captivated in silence; the rest of the evenings speakers were 'heckled' and 'barracked' at every stage, by the ever vocal, raucous and enthusiastic guests. Perhaps by this stage, the number of 'toasts' had started to take effect on some of the revellers...!

Shaun McDavies didn't help the situation with his 'Toast to the Lassies', getting almost all the women folk riled up, with his 'why men don't understand women', monologue...but the lassies seemed to shift the balance of power when Kerry McBannon responded by giving a rousing speech on the 'difference between women and men', which had both sides of the debate shouting their opinions...!

Larry McBannon, MC'd the evening, delivering the 'Immortal Memory' and ended by giving all the guests a view of 'Wee Nessie'...whether they wanted it, or not...!

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