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As a rural community, services are not always conveniently available and with higher than average proportion of elderly residents that can make things even more difficult.
Respondents to the questionnaire showed a clear preference for a Post Office and/or convenience shop compared to other services currently not available and most would use it at least occasionally if there was one.
The other missing facility identified was a bus service to Nantwich which has previously been investigated by the Parish Council. Although there is no expectation of a regular bus route to Nantwich in the near future there may be some options with community based services.
In addition there are alternatives to a Village Shop that could offer the same or better facilities eg Online ordering and delivery, local delivery, extension to the Badger's service or possibly combining these with a volunteer capability.
There is an opportunity to consider the needs identified in the questionnaire with the fact that nearly 2/3 of respondents offered to volunteer some of their time as a service to the community in some way.
This could be a real boost to a number of individuals both in terms of access to services but also community spirit, social interaction and financial savings.
There are a number of community led schemes and ideas both regionally and nationally that could be implemented in Church Minshull. CM Vision intends to liaise with Cheshire Community Action who can assist and advise on these.

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Build a view of potential viable options for providing everyday goods within Church Minshull November 14
Summer 15
Summer 15
* Establish an action team to lead and coordinate investigation
* Build options report for consideration (Home delivery, Service from Pub or local store, Farmers'/Local
Market in Village Hall)
* Consider research and pledges of custom to assist with business plan
Generate ideas for communal support activities eg DIY, gardening July 14
September 14
December 14
* Identify volunteer team/owner
* Liaise with Cheshire Community Action on national and other initiatives and models for implementing
* Investigate needs in community for assistance
Audit of volunteer capability including youth involvement May 15 * Build a volunteer and Champions list of offers of help and support
Community Transport June 14
December 14
* Completed: Identify approach required and support for scheme to provide greater access to transport services
* Completed: Gain support for volunteer car scheme
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