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Gents breakfast June 2018
The 3rd Gents Breakfast 28-10-2017
Gents breakfast

Gentlemen's Breakfast Club

We meet on the last Saturday of each month at The Badger Inn for a chatty wholesome breakfast. All Gentlemen welcome.

If you are interested in joining us please come along or speak to the contact below.
Full details & information below.

Gent's Breakfast Club Information
Club"Gent's Breakfast Club"
LocationThe Badger Inn, Cross Lane, Church Minshull. CW5 6DY. Tel:01270 522-348
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MeetLast Saturday of each Month @ 9:30am
Duration1-2 hours
ChargeBreakfasts are circa £10
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Rob Jones
07768-53-1111For mobile phones press to ring
rsj99@me.comClick to load eMail program

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