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2016 Minshull Madness (36)

The famous 'Minshull Madness' returns to the Badger's field on 1st September. A fun event for all the family, it is set to be even crazier than last year and all Church Minshull residents are invited. In the run-up to the event, there's going to be a Madness competition, find out more here

Would you believe that we've started to receive a few letters about the Madness? The first being from the one and only Lewis Carroll himself (pasted at the bottom of this post). We've also received another couple of letters — one claiming that the first letter from Lewis Carroll was a fraud. Surely not!?? The other is from Royalty! Who would have thought our little village would attract such attention? Although I'm not sure you'd want to get on the wrong side of Queenie!

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Wonderland Palace
The day before today was yesterday



It has come to my attention that you residents of Church Minshull are having a competition to make characters from the kingdom to display as some form of Madness.

I am somewhat amused.

Anyone who makes a model of me will be well rewarded — unless I don't like it — then it will be off with their head!

Whilst I am thinking about it, anyone who doesn't take part shall be separated from their head as well!

I am looking forward to being amused,


(Her Majesty the Queen of Hearts)



26th June 2018

Dear Mr Editor,

In recently trawling the web pages for your village I note a letter from someone calling themselves "Lewis Carroll" who is making a claim for £9.99.

This person is an imposter, I am the real Lewis Carroll. If you were to search the worldwide inter web thingy you would see this to be the case. I do not charge for you to use my ideas especially as your Minshull Madness thingymebob is for children. I am particularly fond of, and have a regular correspondence with many children.

It strikes me that you may not realise that whilst Alice is very real her "Adventures in Wonderland" are only real if you are a child! Any adult taking part in this event is clearly MAD!


Charles L Dodgeson (Rev)



10th June 2018


Dear Sir,

I note from your inter web site that your village proposes to hold a "Minshull Madness" event based on the theme of Alice in Wonderland.

Whilst this is a wonderful idea I note that you have not paid me a royalty for this and as such it cannot take place. Alice is my idea and you cannot just take it for your own use.

My normal fee is £999,999,999 but as you are a small village I will settle for £9.99. You may forward this to my publishers at their usual address.


Lewis Carroll