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Friday 20th Jan

9:45pmPete on The Western Rolling Stock Depot had been relocated from Golborne nr Wigan to Wim
  • Located close to Church Minshull, this development will affect the village. Are we to ask our parish council to look in to the implications further ?

    Editor's comment: This will be on the agenda for the next Parish Council meeting on the 7th March however a representative is attending the local meetings too. Please feel free to use this facility to provide your views if you want to share them or contact any of the Parish Councillors directly or via the clerk if you would prefer.

Friday 2nd Sep

3:07pmMinshull man on CM Sports and Social Club BBQ
  • Wanted to say what a great evening I had at the CM Sports and Social Club BBQ. Congratulations to Sue Challoner and Sue Hugill for putting on a fabulous event, on what turned out to be a lovely summers evening.
    The food was delicious and well done to all the guys who manned the BBQs and to those who provided the desserts , as well as those who waited on for all the guests.

    It was a credit to the community spirit which exists in Church Minshull...I loved it...!

Sunday 13th Mar

7:04pmKasb on Found dog
  • Small dog found church minshull see badger website

Monday 11th Jan

9:06amSue C on Porklad calendar
  • Congratulation to Larry and all his team for Porklad Calendar — a great idea and a great achievement

Monday 4th Jan

6:25pmAlan Denton on John's Gems
  • What a lovely idea John. There must be lots of details about the church that we don't know. Well done !

Sunday 15th Nov

12:26pmNanney on "The Fugitives"
  • Thank you to Vision Group for bringing us "The Fugitives". What a brilliant night!

Sunday 1st Nov

7:02pmMinshull man on Porklad calendar
  • Hopefully the local community will get behind this local calendar, made by local people, for a local charity.
    Please buy one of these calendars and support the guys who gave up their time (and humility) for the very worthy causes.

Thursday 29th Oct

4:49pmSue C on Porklad calendar
  • What a clever title, and a brilliant concept. Hope this calendar for charity does well...should go national

Friday 23rd Oct

12:06pmMeikle on Arena Website award
  • A well done note, particularly to Larry, who has managed to find scoops and pictures in everything that is going on in our village — even when it's been very quiet. It has been his effort and drive that has meant we have this great asset. I hope we can do you justice in keeping it going and expand the site where we can.

Tuesday 20th Oct

1:49pmKayN on Cleaner Wanted
  • Hi I am looking for a cleaner in Church Minshull for approximately 2 hours cleaning and 1 hour ironing per week.

    Any recommendations welcome.


Wednesday 1st Apr

2:43pmpete on Superfast Broadband
  • Seems not to have happened by the end of March as was the latest planned date.
    Anybody want to come up with a new prediction !

    Editor's comment: Maybe a number of residents contacting Julian Cobley, may speed things up...?

Sunday 25th Jan

4:18pmbossy boots on burns night
  • What a night! Thanks to everyone who made it such a good night but most of all to Kerry, Larry and Shaun who had obviously done their 'research'. To get such a large group of villagers together, creating such camaraderie and such fun is a real achievement in such a small village. Well done.

Monday 24th Nov

9:07amHarlequin on Bon Debarras
  • Bon Debarras.....bon, bon, tres bon....what a hugely talented group and an absolutely marvellous evening. Thank you very much.

Monday 3rd Nov

3:07pmNanney on What The Dickens
  • CM Vision have triumphed yet again. What a fantastic night!

Monday 20th Oct

5:42pmFloyd on Early Doors
  • Wonderful production. Better than many I've seen at the theatre!

Sunday 19th Oct

3:44pmNanney on Early Doors
  • What a brilliant night — haven't laughed so much for a long time. I will certainly be looking at certain people in a very different light in future!

    Congratulations to all concerned

Wednesday 15th Oct

12:16pmPete on CART photo ahives (news item here today)
  • For those interested in more local waterway photos of our canal then the link is — and enter Middlewich Branch in the search box.

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