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These pages have been developed to update Church Minshull residents on the progress and activities around our Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP). There is a short explanation of what an NDP is, further down this page.

The Parish Council decided to develop a NDP for Church Minshull following the public interest and in response to some concern, over potential developer interest in building a comparatively large scale development on the north side of the village centre. A steering group is in place to take things forward and a well attended, initial open meeting was held in January 2016 to kick off the communications to the community.

An NDP would be complimentary to the 2014 Parish Plan and once in place, would have a binding legal status for all planning and development issues.

Please have a look at the plan documents that have been developed using the links below and pass any comments back to the team via email on

What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan?

  • Once agreed it has legal status for planning purposes for guiding future development, regeneration and conservation
  • It is Community Led — we the community research it, write it and vote to accept it in an official Referendum.
  • When we have a Neighbourhood Plan, future development is expected to conform with its recommendations and policies

Why do we need a Neighbourhood Development Plan?

  • Without one, the speed, size and design of expansion could be controlled by property developers.
  • A Neighbourhood Plan will allow the community to propose the extent and type of development — in relation to housing, business, infrastructure and other land use.
  • Cheshire East Council has limited powers to control inappropriate development as their own Local Plan is not yet agreed.

What is involved?

A group of representatives from Church Minshull's community, led by the Parish Council, will be set up as a steering group to:

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  • Consult widely and regularly with all members of the community;
  • Collect information about the needs and issues likely to affect the parish in future years through open meetings and questionnaires;
  • Analyse the information and create a draft document representing your views;
  • Present the draft document to the parish community for agreement. Then submit it to Cheshire East Council and an Independent Examiner for legal approval;
  • Carry out a formal referendum of Church Minshull's residents at which at least 50% of the votes cast must be in favour of the Neighbourhood Plan.