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The Village Hall has a dedicated committee of trustees who meet regularly on a monthly basis.
The current Trustees are; David Barrett (Chairman), Jeanne Stockdale (Treasurer),
Sue Hugill (Secretary), Chris Shaw (Maintenance Manager), Margaret Denton, Rob Jones, Larry Taylor & Andy Baddeley.

The Trustees have to maintain the hall and make it available for hire within a large range of legislation including:

1. The Village Hall constitution
2. The Charities Act and the Charity Commission
3. All legislation relating to the maintenance and operation of buildings open to the general public.

One of the main duties of the trustees is to ensure that the facility is kept in a condition that makes it safe for all to use. In 2015 as a result of two reports received by the Village Hall committee, a number of issues were identified which showed a possible risk to our users and which we felt needed to be addressed as quickly as possible.

As a direct result, the major efforts for the Village Hall Trustees for the year were to raise funds for the replacement of the lean-to structure which is a cause for concern as it had been reported to be unsafe because of some land slippage.

Applications were made for grants with resulting monies raised as follows:


Awards for All £10,000
Cheshire East £10,000
Church Minshull Parish Council £2,000
The Foyle Foundation £5.000
Garfield Weston £2,500
Village Hall Funds £3,000
WREN £2,000

These funds enabled us to demolish the unsafe back store, move the cleaner's cupboard to the ladies toilet, re-align the disabled access and to build a replacement store to the front of the building.

In 2016 we are now working on three further projects:

  • To upgrade the heating and electricity to a more energy efficient level
  • To raise the funds for an additional meeting room to the front of the hall.
  • With the help of the Parish Council, Broadband connection has been installed in the hall

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