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Save money — Join the Oil Baron Syndicate

�€� Started in 2008 with 5 members
�€� Current membership over 700
�€� Purchased over 9,000,000 litres of kerosene
�€� Regular monitoring of competitors prices
�€� Saved members an estimated £362,000
�€� Order to a monthly fixed schedule
�€� You order on-line at your convenience
�€� You can act for non-email friends and neighbours
�€� Saves you time in not having to ring around
�€� Saves you money due to bulk purchase
�€� A helpful Trades & Services list, all recommended by members
�€� How do you join us?
�€� Apply for a membership form by email
�€� What is the cost of membership?
�€� Just £1.00 per month invoiced in April each year with pro-rata for joining midway through the year
Working Exclusively with DA Roberts
Kevin Dawson