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The Oil Baron syndicate was started in September 2008 by Kevin Dawson and now has over 630 members in South Cheshire. In Sept 2013 the syndicate passed the 2,860,000 litres volume placed with suppliers equating to a spend of £1,345,000. The price then was around 35p per litre and now is hovering around 54p per litre. Members have saved an estimated £85,000 cumulatively over this time

This is the Big Society really working, however, dealing and negotiating with up to 8 potential suppliers was taking up a lot of time and several suppliers were taken over by DCC/GB Oils who apparently now claim around 14% of the UK Market. An agreement was reached with DA Roberts, in Whitchurch to become our single source supplier with pricing related to the monthly order volume and this has certainly worked to the advantage of all the syndicate members and to DA Roberts who is still a family owned concern and should be supported in the face of national competition.

The Oil Baron syndicate is a not for profit community project and members have to be on email, however, non-computer users are not left out of the loop, as on-line neighbours, or family, can act as a conduit for them and make sure they can also benefit from the bulk buying prices. Membership is Free, some other schemes charge. The Oil Baron syndicate can still accept more members but you should live within 30 miles of Whitchurch to qualify and Church Minshull meets this requirement.

Contact Kevin Dawson for information, or to join the scheme.

Oil Baron members are constantly advising of Tradesman Services and the latest list is available here.