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Cheshire Constabulary

Nantwich Rural Policing structure

Nantwich Rural policing is divided into four cluster areas:

Audlem cluster
Bunbury cluster
Wrenbury cluster
Wybunbury cluster

Church Minshull falls within the Bunbury cluster, which also comprises the following parishes:
Bunbury, Wardle, Calveley, Alpraham, Spurstow, Haughton, Stoke, Hurleston, Worleston, Aston-juxta-Mondrum, Poole, Minshull Vernon, Cholmondeston, Wettenhall

These four cluster areas comprise of 58 local parishes. Although officers are allocated specific policing areas, they are on hand to offer support where required all across the rural areas.

The Church Minshull Neighbourhood Policing Team comprises of:

Inspector Dave Smithers
Sergeant Ian Bennett
PC Matt Stonier
PCSO Sharon Jones

Cheshire Police Alert, is a free service and allows you to sign up to and receive local information, by your preferred communication channel.
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