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Cllr Michael Jones

As a Borough Councillor, Michael Jones is a representative of the people living in Church Minshull. He will seek to ensure that Cheshire East Council is aware of, and takes into consideration the needs and views of all sections of the Church Minshull community.

He is responsible for contributing actively to the formation, development and review of the Cheshire East Council's policies, plans and budgets. He will also meet with local stakeholders on a regular basis, and make himself accessible to residents of Church Minshull, to listen to and help deal with issues affecting the local community.

He can also assist in ensuring that Church Minshull residents are well informed about Cheshire East Council activities and the services it offers.

Borough Councillors do not get salaries or wages (they are not employees of the council), but are entitled to allowances, which are designed to partly repay them for the costs they incur in carrying out their public duties.