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Oil Baron Syndicate


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Oil Baron Syndicate.

I have 35 members who are residents of Church Minshull whom I wish to thank for supporting this community oil buying syndicate and would like to point out some historic statistics.
Since Sept 2010 we have purchased 11,000,000 litres
Lowest price was in Jan 2016 -- 19.95p/litre
Highest price was in Feb 2013 -- 59.45p/litre
Average price since Sept 2010 -- 43.79
UK average price over the last 6 months 53.39p/litre (taken from a web site but regional variances may be different)
Oil Baron average over the last 6 months 43.80p/litre saving approx 18%
Over the years I have used an average saving of 9% equating to £527,000 saving for the group using the above figures.
I have been a little more conservative and at the end of Dec 2019 I estimate a saving of a least £430,000.
If you are not a member but use Kerosene then I would be pleased to send you details.

NameKevin Dawson
Phone Number01270 522-253
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