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Monday 16th Dec

2:38pm1 on Traffic Calming Measures
  • I no longer live in fear and trepidation as I cross the road or walk around the village,particularly on the narrow pavement s by the Church and the Badger. I am very happy with the traffic calming measures

2:27pmLuhs Nim Morf on Traffic Calming Measures
  • New layout certainly seems to have changed some behaviours for the better.
    Signing illumination needs sorting especially at this time of year and
    Signs on approach from Nantwich (B5074) could do with being earlier since vehicles coming out of village can only be seen once they are round bend and this combined with late awareness of the gateway can make for some heavy braking.

Wednesday 11th Dec

6:22pmbossy boots on Traffic Calming Measures
  • The traffic calming has had some excellent effects for those who actually live in the centre of the village — particularly the fact that the house no longer shakes as the lorries thunder by and the feeling safety as you cross the road on foot.

5:02pmMinshull man on Traffic Calming Measures
  • The traffic calming measures appear to be working very well...yes, you get the occasional beep of a horn, or someone jumping the priority system, but overall, it is doing what it is supposed to have done — slowed down traffic and possibly reduced the volumes...?

    Some of the solar lighting has stopped working, but I am sure that it will be rectified.

    A bonus is the brand new road surface.

Sunday 17th Nov

9:00am1 on Mongrel Of The Minshervilles
  • We've just watched the video clip in the photos section a fantastic mini film production in it's own right....well worth a watch!

    Well done

Sunday 10th Nov

11:33pmSal on Remembrance Sunday
  • Interesting to be able to read about, and see photos of, a village event so soon after it has taken place. Thanks.

Thursday 7th Nov

4:43pmMessy Sue on New Website
  • Fab-u-Lous website
    Great work Larry and Meikle
    Can't wait for you to show us how to upload Messy Church stuff

8:30amChurchy on Movember
  • I just wanted to let Arena know that I am doing Movember this year so would appreciate any support that can be generated within the community

    Movember is a men's health care charity event which has run during November over the last few years and has raised a great deal of money for men's health in general but specifically prostate cancer.

    Please add your support by clicking on my MoSpace below:

    Many Thanks


    Editor's comment: Link to enable donations is now working: good luck!

8:23amChurchy on New Website
  • The navigation is very intuitive and the look and feel is really fresh.

    Looking forward to the social media functions to be added in the release phase

Wednesday 6th Nov

1:46pmlizD on New Website
  • Fab new website. Loving how much more information there is and the interactive elements. Well done Larry and Meikle.

Tuesday 5th Nov

9:41pmThe Spinney Scroughs on New Website
  • Hello to the Web Team & everyone else involved, Thank you for your hard work, it looks great and we look forward to seeing it used and developed.

    Editor's comment: Thanks for your kind comments, we truly hope it becomes a real asset for the community.

7:49pmSal on New Website
  • Hi web team Really like new website- more interactive and lively.
    Thanks for all your hard work. If I want to add in St Luke's Hospice to the services section with link to their website what is best way to do it?

6:45pmLarryB on New Website
  • Really good to see so many people come out on a cold, wet November evening to see the launch of the new website.

    Hope most people like the new look and name, along with the new features and dynamism.

    Keep looking over the next few weeks for the release of other features on ARENA,

    What do you think of it...?

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