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The Arena Webteam encourages any local, young budding reporter, writer, photographer or blogger to contribute their ideas and material for publication on our community website.
In 2019 we have put out a fresh invite to all the Children & Young People of the Village.
Please watch this space — there are a few blogs being written as we speak. :¬)



Here are the ones that we've received:-

Feature ImageBlog TitleAuthorDate


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✱✱✱ Magic: The Gathering ✱✱✱

"An explanation of The Magic Card Game"
Sam LewisNov 2019

Sri Lanka Elephant

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✱✱✱ A Sri Lankan Tour ✱✱✱

"Thinking of Travelling in the Summer? Have you ever considered Sri Lanka?"
Thomas CarrsSept 2017

Winsford ASC

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✱✱✱ Winsford Swimming Club ✱✱✱

"A write-up about the 3rd Ranked in Cheshire"
Thomas CarrsApril 2017


If you would like to submit anything for inclusion here please email your submission (and maybe a a picture or two) to the Editor. Contact details at the bottom of this page -> HERE