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Minshull Vernon

Tales from Madai (Your Rovering Reporter)


Hello it's me, Madai the Ladrador, welcome to my website page!

I know some of you will have seen me around the village as I keep things in order but I'll tell you a bit about myself anyway. I'm a black Labrador — had you guessed? I came to live with my people in Church Minshull in September 2016 because Guide Dogs decided I wasn't cutting the mustard. I was born on St Valentine's Day (makes up for my man-person's lack of romance) and went into Guide Dogs training at 6 weeks old. Very young you might say but Labradors are very advanced. My people, well lady-person to be honest as the other one doesn't seem to apply himself, had done Guide Dogs puppy walking before and was looking to re-home a retired guide dog. I've just discovered that she requested a yellow lab, a boy, but got me instead: well hasn't she done well? Although I was withdrawn from Guide Dogs training for "poor stress resilience" I've got over that now and the blogs I've written will tell you all about my life in Church Minshull and some of the important things that are happening here. My man-person didn't know how to collect my previous reports together and had to have help from Mrs Challoner — thank-you Sue! I suspect that now he's stopped working his head has as well!

Hot news! My man-person has had some training from Meikle Carss on how to do things with this website and I've told him to show you how well I can swim. When he's worked out how to edit the video and put it on YouTube YouToo will be able to watch it!

IMG_6404 (2)

Answer to November's quiz question: which tree may be made from the number one sweetener with tea? Well, the answer is Hawthorn. First up the clue "may" — hawthorn is also known as Maythorn. The scientific name for Hawthorn is Crataegus, this being a cryptic anagram of ace (number one), sugar (sweetener) and t (tea). Didn't tell you it would be easy!

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